Off culo

off culo

ser un culo inquieto o de mal asientoto be fidgety. 4. (muy fam). a. no direct translation. vive en el culo del mundohe lives bloody, goddamn miles from anywhere. 5. (vulgar) (Spain). a. no direct translation. ¡que te den por culo!, ¡vete a tomar por culo!fuck off! 6. (de vaso, botella). a. bottom. 7. (líquido). a. no direct translation. 27 Jul SUBSCRIBE!!! First Official Release Video SIngle out in September!! LYRICS HERE CULO! Intro: A simple lesson in spanish! Aggs - Dont it sound good when i say. “Take the American scum away,” De Culo said,doubled over from the pain in his back. Estomago yanked Barney to his feet. “Wait,” De Culo shouted as the twomen reached the door. “There is one morethingIwish togiveour guest. A welcoming gift.”His eyes vicious, hestumbled overto the deskand threw opena drawer.


Dance your culo off off culo

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